Hodowla kotów MAINE COON

I would like to welcome You on the website of Maine Coon cattery

We are a small cattery registered in Cat Club Amber (FPL => FIFe). Our cats live with us at home as part of our family. When it comes to breeding we want our cats to be healthy, beautiful and with great temper. Gentle giants - that's what I like about this breed. Even though they are so big, they are also full of gentelness and love, wanting to stay in contact with their humans.

All our cats are tested regulary - we do profilactic blood, urine tests and heart echo scan (HCM). Breeding cats are also tested for PKD (USG) and HD (RTG). White cats have their hearing tested by BAER. We also do genetic tests HCM, SMA, PKD and PK-Def.

Our cats are fed with BARF („Biologically Appropriate Raw Food”) with a really small addition of wet food of high quality (for the shows). 

I hope You will have a great time looking at our site and getting to know our cats.

Małgorzata Puzdrowska... and cats :)

Jesteśmy BARFną hodowlą!

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